Blood’s Call Podcast: Episode 11 – Nicola Lee

In this episode, I speak with Nicola Lee, who only recently discovered she was donor conceived. In our heartfelt discussion, she talks about how she made the shocking discovery, her feelings about donor conception, and everything that’s happened since she she learned the truth of her origins.

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  1. Oh JENNY … I am so touch by your beautiful writings. You are so talented. As a long time friend of your mother, I am aware of your story and feel a part of it though I was seldom present. Your podcasts are so interesting and professional. Your kind heart 💝 is a true treasure to your guest and readers alike. Karen

    1. Thank you Karen! I so appreciate your words of support. Since you know my mother, you know where the kind-heartedness came from, though it’s taken me many years to salvage that spirit within myself. And now, I’m learning it from my father too 🙂

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