Stolen: Spain’s Missing Babies (Documentary)

Spain is my other home. A place that drew me with some kind of karmic pull to the cobble paved enchantment that is Seville; to relationships, deep friendships I’m certain have been forged over lifetimes. It is a truly magical place. But there is also a darkness that exists among the brightly colored buildings, outdoor bars, cafes, and the lively people who crowd them. It is a lasting legacy of the Inquisition, of the mentality of conquistadors, and later, of the fascism that brought forth the regime of Francisco Franco. “The Stolen: Spain’s Missing Babies” is a documentary that illustrates but one part of this legacy.

From the creators: “Up to 300,000 babies in Spain were stolen from ‘undesirable’ families and trafficked by an unholy alliance of doctors, the Catholic Church and Franco’s Secret police. Now, decades on, some of these stolen children are trying to find their biological families.”

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